Re-Applying to SOPHAS

If you had an active SOPHAS account during the 2016-2017 application cycle, you are eligible to have your application information imported to the new application cycle. Unlike in previous cycles, you will be able to retain your SOPHAS ID#. Please log into SOPHAS with your previous cycle’s login information in order to begin the process. Do not click “Create New Account.” If you cannot remember your login information, please click “Forgot username and password?” link to reset it.

UNDERSTAND: Even if you would like to start over with a “fresh” application, the new re-applicant process will give you the option to do so. If you would like to start completely fresh, still sign in with your old account information and then choose the fresh option during the steps below. Do not create a new account.


Once you log in, you will be taken to a “Welcome Back” screen which will walk you through the following steps:

1. Confirm you would like to begin the re-application process by clicking “Start Reapplication.”

2. Confirm or edit your profile info, including your name and current contact information. Make sure you update your contact email if this has changed.

3. Decide if you would like to carry over your application data, or start a fresh application. This cannot be undone. If you choose a fresh application, your application data from the previous cycle will be wiped.

4. If you have chosen to start fresh, you will be taken to a blank application. If you choose to carry over data, you may now select which data points to carry over, with some restrictions. Colleges attended and coursework information, as well as attached transcripts, are required to be brought over. Completed coursework which has been verified will not be able to be edited. Information which SOPHAS is not allowed to carry forward will not be provided as a selectable option, such as letters of evaluation, personal essays, or school specific information.

5. The system will then notify you that although information has been brought over, the application will require you to review and confirm that information in each section prior to allowing you to submit. This will be indicated by an (!) icon.

6. You will also be notified about where to find a PDF copy of your previous application. Although you will no longer have access to the old application itself, it is stored on your new application in PDF form.

7. You will then be notified that your re-application request has been submitted and is being processed. Confirm this by clicking OK.

IMPORTANT: The “processing” of re-applicant accounts is automated, but only so many can be processed at once by the system. How long this takes depends on how many people are requesting a re-applicant account at once. This process can take only a few minutes, but when there is a high volume of requests such as on launch day, this process can take up to 24 hours.

8. Once your re-app account is ready, you will receive an email notification. Proceed to the login page and log in normally to begin your application process.


Most application fields, including coursework, official test scores, and attached transcripts can be imported into the new application.

Regarding Official Test Scores: These will re-attach to your new account, but are not brought over automatically in the same manner as transcripts and other information. Instead, your scores continue to cycle through our database looking for your name and date of birth to match up to in the same manner they matched up originally. Your scores will not match until these fields are filled out. In addition, if you needed your scores attached manually last cycle by customer service because of a difference in name or date of birth, you will need to request that they be manually attached again.

Letters of evaluation, essays, payments, and school-specific information will not be carried over and must be resubmitted. In addition, there are fields on the SOPHAS application which have changed or have been edited since last cycle which will not be filled in by the import.

REMEMBER: Once the import is complete, it is the applicant’s responsibility to review all imported information and ensure it is complete and accurate prior to submitting their application.


All imported coursework verified in the previous application cycle is locked so that our staff knows what work has already been reviewed and which new work must be examined this cycle. To add new coursework, please follow the steps below:


Visit this section to extend the dates of attendance at an institution, add or edit degree statuses, or add additional schools attended since last cycle. Please note that if you have completed additional coursework since last cycle, you must update your attendance dates and records here before those dates will become selectable in the coursework section.


Once your college list is up to date, navigate to the coursework section to update this information. Any courses verified in the previous cycle will be locked, but you will be able to add, edit and delete unverified courses, including those listed as planned/in-progress last cycle. Ensure this section is fully updated prior to submitting your application.


Any new completed coursework or updated degree awarded statuses will require an updated transcript be sent to SOPHAS. Once you have updated your coursework, request new transcripts to be sent. Do not request updated transcripts to be sent prior to updating your coursework, as saving your updates will prompt the system to require new transcripts.

IMPORTANT: Even if no new coursework has been added, if you have a degree which was listed as expected last cycle and now has been updated to awarded, a new transcript must be sent so the degree may be verified as awarded.


Once your application becomes complete, it is placed in the queue for verification along with all other applicants and undergoes the same process it did when you originally applied. For re-applicants who were verified last cycle, although there is less information to verify on your application since you originally applied, due to the volume of applicants in the verification queue, the turnaround time for verification of re-applicants is still up to four weeks from your complete date. Applying as a re-applicant does not speed up the verification process.


 Q: What can I do to improve my application from last cycle?

A: Since SOPHAS is not involved in the actual admissions process, SOPHAS cannot advise you specifically on how to strengthen your application. Generally, it is advised that you apply early, ensure you meet the minimum requirements of the programs to which you choose to apply, and emphasize how you have worked to improve your qualifications since the previous cycle in your essay. Keep in mind that if you apply to the same school again, they have access to your previous SOPHAS application. Some schools will advise you on where your application was weak if asked, while others will not. It is also advisable to investigate that status of applicants who have matriculated into the programs you are interested in.

Q: Do I have to create a new username and password? Will my SOPHAS ID# be the same?

A: No. If you utilize the re-applicant process, your login information and SOPHAS ID# will remain the same.

Q: I am no longer in touch with my references. Can SOPHAS carry over my letters of evaluation?

A: No. Under no circumstances is SOPHAS authorized to carry over your letters of evaluation. They must be resubmitted for the new application cycle by the references themselves. ASSPH requires that all references be resubmitted by the reference each application cycle.

Q: If I sent my official GRE scores to my schools last cycle, do I need to resend them?

A: If your official GRE scores were posted to  your SOPHAS application, they should reappear on your current application and would not have to be resubmitted to those schools. If you had your GRE scores sent to the public health program directly, contact them for guidance.

Q: My GRE scores from last cycle are not showing up on my current account. What do I do?

A: GRE scores aren’t attached to your application the way that transcripts are. Instead, they are linked by your name and birth date from a larger database that cycles through to connect scores to accounts, so this may take a few days to cycle through. PLEASE NOTE: If your scores needed to be manually attached last cycle because of a discrepancy in name or date of birth, they would need to be attached manually again. If it has been over a week since you created your account and your scores have not attached, please contact customer service.

Q: I filled out an application with SOPHAS several years ago. Can I reactivate my account?

A: No. You may only carry over application information from the 2016-2017 application cycle. Accounts created prior to this cycle were on our 2.0 platform and information from the old platform cannot be carried over to the current application platform.

Q: Why did SOPHAS change their application platform? I did not apply last cycle and now I have lost my info.

A: In 2014, the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) decided to transition the SOPHAS application to a new platform. This new platform offers an enhanced user experience and many other helpful features for both applicants and programs. With the transfer comes limitations, including the inability to transfer the previous cycle data into the new system. Please note that accounts created on the new platform are able to be carried forward.