Experiences and Additonal Experiences

While you are able to upload a CV/Resume in the Documents section of your SOPHAS application, there are several “experience” sections on the application that you are highly encouraged to complete. These sections allow your schools and programs to view a brief description of you relevant experience.


In this section you should enter your professional experiences under the following categories. You may enter any experience which you deem relevant to your schools and programs. Please note, however, that it is strongly recommended that you focus on work performed during or following your college experience. It is also not recommended that you include experiences which are greater than 10 years old.


Any work experience, including but not limited to relevant public health practice.


Any research projects in which you played a significant role.


A description of your efforts as a volunteer in your community.

We ask the applicant to consider the duties which they performed during their experience and use their best judgment to determine which category their experience falls into. Contact the school(s) and programs of public health to which you plan to apply if you have questions about what information to include in this section. SOPHAS cannot advise you in that regard.


Click the “Add an Experience” button and select the category from the “Experience Type” drop-down menu to begin inputting your information. Your experiences will not be displayed in any particular order, regardless of the order or the dates entered. Do not repeat hours between the categories.

After you submit your application, you cannot edit experiences that you already entered, but you can add new experiences.


This section asks some additional, optional questions about your experience outside of academia. Here you have the choice to report your total years of work experience after earning your first bachelor’s degree, participation in national service agencies, ECPMG certifications and any other information you would like your SOPHAS programs to be aware of.

IMPORTANT: Unlike the “Experiences” section, “Additional Experiences” can NOT be edited once you submit your application to SOPHAS.


Q: How far back in my career should I list experiences?

A: You may include any experience you believe is relevant to your SOPHAS application. However, it is preferable to focus on experiences from the last 10 years and which began at least at a collegiate level.

Q: Where do I send documentation of my experience hours?

A: SOPHAS does NOT require any documentation for the experience sections. If any schools or programs require documentation it should be submitted directly to them.

Q: What is my “title?” Who is my supervisor?

A: If you did not have an official title, you enter the type of activity you did; for example “Walk for Hunger Volunteer.” The Organization is the location where or for whom the work took place and the supervisor is the person who was responsible for you or was in charge of your activity.

Q: I’ve begun my experience, but plan on accumulating more hours before the public health school or program begins. Can I include those?

A: In the experience sections, you may only document (in hours/weeks, etc) the time already completed. Once you submit your application, you may not update your hours. However, in the text box under “duties” you may clarify your expected time commitment, and send any updates directly to the schools and programs to which you are applying.

Q: I haven’t begun my experience yet, but plan on doing so soon. Can I report that?

A: No, you cannot report “planned” experience. Once you have accumulated the experience, however, you can add new experiences to your application, even if you have already submitted it to SOPHAS. Please note you can NOT edit experiences which have already been entered. You may send updated information directly to the schools to which you are applying.

Q: I have similar experiences. Should I list them out separately or group them together?

A: You may enter them in whichever manner you feel best represents your experiences to your programs.

Q: Where can I report my publications or presentations?

A: There is no place on the application specifically for publications. If you wish to include this type of activity, you may be able to list them in the “Achievements” section of the application if appropriate.

Q: Where can I report my extra-curricular activities?

A: There is no place on the application specifically for extra-curricular activities as the SOPHAS programs have not requested that this be documented on SOPHAS. Depending on the content of your activities, you may be able to list them in the employment, volunteer, or achievement sections if appropriate.