Other and Family Information


In this section, you may choose to enter demographic information about your parents or guardians, including where they reside, their level of education, current occupation, and role within your household.

IMPORTANT: This section is NOT required as part of the SOPHAS application. This information is used for data and recruitment purposes only.


Language Proficiency

Please select your native language (the language of your birth) from the drop-down menu. If you have any experience with additional languages, please indicate which ones and the level of your proficiency in each under “additional language.” You can click the “Add Another Language” button to add more entries.

U.S. Military Experience

Select your current military status from the drop down menu if you have had U.S. military experience. Select “Not a member of the military” if this does not apply.

Misdemeanor and Felony Convictions

Select “Yes” in the appropriate box if you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony, and provide a brief explanation in the space provided. Select “No” if you have no convictions.

IMPORTANT: Some programs may require background checks as a condition of acceptance pending satisfactory results. Failure to disclose prior convictions may have serious consequences, such as annulment of acceptance offers or program dismissal.

Background checks reflect all prior convictions, guilty pleas, city ordinance citations (such as public intoxication), illegal possession(s) including possession of alcohol under the legal age, payments of fines (including those for traffic violations), and in some cases, prior records thought to have been expunged. Please note that in some states, common traffic violations may be considered misdemeanors. Candidates with criminal records due to felony offenses are encouraged to be aware of the potential impact for program acceptance. Contact the programs you wish to apply to if you have a felony conviction or a criminal record.

If you are uncertain of the status of a charge vs. a conviction on your record, or if you are uncertain as to whether your offense was an infraction, misdemeanor, or a felony, contact the city, county, or state jurisdiction where the incident occurred.

If you are convicted of a misdemeanor or felony prior to matriculation, it is your responsibility to IMMEDIATELY inform you designated program(s).

Academic Infraction

Check the box if you have been disciplined or placed on academic probation while attending an academic institution. Explain in the space provided.

Environmentally and Economically Disadvantaged

Public health schools and programs fully recognize the importance of diversity in their student body and in the physician assistant work force. Accordingly, programs strongly encourage applications from persons from all socioeconomic and educational backgrounds and persons from groups underrepresented in health care. Please select any and all of the options in this section which you feel best apply to you. Please note that this section is used for statistical purposes only.

To determine if you come from an economically disadvantaged background, you are asked to use your parent’s 2014 income. Please reference the table linked on the page to determine if your parental family income based on size of household (number of exemptions listed on parent’s Federal income tax forms) qualifies for federal low-income level based on 200 percent of poverty guidelines. If you are unable to determine your parents’ earnings for ANY reason, or if 2014 does not reflect your parents’ household income while you were a dependent, you may simply check “yes” below if you believe you were raised at an economic disadvantage. Please note that this section is used for statistical purposes only and in no way effects your application or financial aid eligibility.

UNDERSTAND: If you qualify as environmentally or economically disadvantaged per the questions above and you agree that you were raised with environmental and/or economic disadvantage, click “yes” for agree. If you do not agree that you were raised at an environmental and/or economic disadvantage, please click “no” even if you qualified for any of the criteria above.

Social Security Number

Please enter your SSN# with the understanding that entering this information is optional, however your designated programs may require your SSN for institutional or federal financial aid forms.

First Generation Student

Indicate if you are the first member of your immediate family (siblings, parents, or grandparents) to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Second Party Authorization

SOPHAS customer service and admissions officers are only allowed to speak with the applicant directly regarding your application. If you would like to authorize a second party with whom we are allowed to speak with regarding your application materials, you may do so in this section.

Financial Assistance Data Collection

Click “YES” if you plan to apply for financial aid or assistance should you be accepted to a program. Please note this is for statistical purposes only and does not have bearing on the consideration of your application.

Alternate E-Mail

If you have an alternative email address you would like to associate with your SOPHAS application, please enter it here.