Foreign and French Canadian Transcripts


If you attended a foreign school as part of a study abroad program, then this section does NOT pertain to you. Please see the “Study Abroad and Overseas U.S. Transcripts” section for detailed information on how to report your experience.


Canadian schools that provide English transcripts are NOT considered foreign. Please see the U.S./Canadian Transcripts section for how to report your work. Original transcripts from these schools must be sent to SOPHAS, even if your public health program does not accept Canadian transcripts. SOPHAS will NOT accept foreign evaluations from Canadian schools WHICH PROVIDE TRANSCRIPTS IN ENGLISH.

Canadian schools which have transcripts issued in French are considered FOREIGN and must be reported like any other foreign school. WES evaluations for these schools should be sent to SOPHAS. SOPHAS will NOT accept original Canadian transcripts which are written in French.


ALL Caribbean medical schools  are considered FOREIGN institutions, even if they have transcripts in English, offices in the U.S. or allow U.S. licensing. No Caribbean school has regional U.S. accreditation and cannot be considered a U.S. Institution. Common Caribbean medical schools include but are not limited to: Ross University, St. George’s University, St. Matthew’s School of Medicine, and the American University of Antigua. Please list your Caribbean Medical School as a foreign institution and do NOT send Caribbean Medical School transcripts to SOPHAS  as they will be discarded.  You should instead determine if your SOPHAS programs will require a WES evaluation, which may be sent to SOPHAS, or if your SOPHAS programs will accept the original Caribbean transcript mailed directly to the school.


If you attended a foreign school or earned your degree outside of the United States, SOPHAS does not require any documentation, but most public health schools and programs DO. The majority of SOPHAS programs require that you have your foreign coursework evaluated by the World Education Services (WES).   You should contact WES as early as possible since the evaluation process may take several weeks after your foreign transcripts are received by WES.  Please see for complete instructions.

DO NOT SEND FOREIGN TRANSCRIPTS. SOPHAS does NOT accept ANY foreign transcripts, including those printed in English. Do NOT send foreign transcripts to SOPHAS, as they will be discarded.

DO  NOT SEND TRANSLATED FOREIGN TRANSCRIPTS. SOPHAS does NOT accept foreign documents translated into English as this documentation is insufficient. Only an evaluation for U.S. equivalency will be accepted.


SOPHAS WILL ONLY ACCEPT EVALUATIONS OBTAINED FROM WORLD EDUCATION SERVICES (WES ICAP).  If your public health school or program requires a WES evaluation, you may submit it to SOPHAS. If your public health school or program requires a different foreign evaluation service or other credentials, THESE MUST BE SENT TO THE PUBLIC HEALTH SCHOOL or PROGRAM DIRECTLY AND NOT TO SOPHAS. SOPHAS cannot accept any documents other than the WES ICAP evaluation.

WES ICAP Evaluations

World Education Services, Inc (WES) provides electronic copies of the evaluation directly to SOPHAS in addition to copies of the transcripts used to complete the evaluation.

Applicants submitting WES Credential Evaluations are urged to first create the SOPHAS application. Once applicants have their 10 digit SOPHAS ID they will be able to use the special WES-SOPHAS application form to order their evaluation from WES.  WES also offers a discount for SOPHAS applicants on evaluation services. For more information please see

 WES Contact Information

World Education Services, Inc (WES) P.O. Box 5087 New York, NY 10274–5087 Phone: 212–966–6311 Fax:212–739–6100


Q: Will SOPHAS send my foreign course evaluation to my designated schools and programs?

A: Yes. SOPHAS will send your course evaluation to the schools and programs that you have designated.

Q: I accidentally sent my foreign transcript or non-WES evaluation to SOPHAS. Can SOPHAS return it to me or forward it to my public health school or program?

A: NO. Under no circumstances can SOPHAS forward your foreign transcript or non-WES evaluation to a third party, including returning it to you. Any foreign transcripts or non-WES evaluations received by SOPHAS will be discarded.