Technical Requirements



A web browser is the program your computer uses to connect to the Internet and access the SOPHAS application. Some browsers are more compatible with the SOPHAS website than others. If you are unsure of the name of your browser or what version of the browser program  you are using, visit to determine this information.


For the optimum SOPHAS application experience, we recommend that applicants utilize the most up-to-date versions of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, which work on both Macs and PCs:

  • Mozilla Firefox: Click this link to download the most recent version of Mozilla Firefox for free
  • Google Chrome: Click this link to download the most recent version of Google Chrome for free

If you are having difficulty loading the application pages, please ensure you are using one of these browsers and make sure they are the most up to date version. You can determine which version you are using by visiting the What is My Browser? website.

  • Safari: Safari is the default internet browser for Apple products. The SOPHAS application is designed to support the Safari browser. However, if you encounter any difficulty with certain application features with Safari and have ensured you are using the most up-to-date version, we advise switching to the Firefox or Chrome browser.
  • Internet Explorer: SOPHAS was originally designed to be compatible with Internet Explorer, however Microsoft, the maker of Internet Explorer, has decided to discontinue the Internet Explorer product. As a result, this browser is quickly becoming obsolete and you may have difficulty properly accessing the SOPHAS application functions using even the most up-to-date version of this browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, we strongly advise switching to another browser to complete the SOPHAS application.
  • Other web browsers: The SOPHAS application is not designed to be compatible with web browsers which are not Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or IE.

The application uses Cookies, JavaScript and Pop-up windows, so please be sure all are enabled within your browser. You can check to see if these are enabled by visiting

Browser vendors recommend users stay up to date on the latest version of the browsers and we recommend the same for the optimal application experience. If you experience an issue, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.


The SOPHAS application is designed to be responsive to mobile devices and can be viewed on a phone or tablet via normal internet browsing and does not require users to download an app. However, please note that the application is only designed to be viewed on mobile devices to allow users to check their status, notifications, and other information. The SOPHAS application is not intended to be filled out or completed via a mobile device. If you are attempting to fill out or complete the application via a mobile device and encounter any issues, we strongly advise switching to a desktop or laptop computer in order to complete the application.


To ensure that you receive email notifications from SOPHAS, you may need to designate us as a “Trusted Source” through your email provider. This is usually accomplished by adding our “From Addresses” to your address book, contact list, or Safe List.

List of E-Mail Addresses to “Safe-List”:
How To Safe-List E-Mail Addresses:

Click the following links to view instructions from the most common email providers on how to avoid having valid emails sent to your Junk or Spam folders:

For more information on how to white-list email addresses for providers not mentioned above, visit: